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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school! Can you pick us

 out in the photo at the bottom of the page?


Mr Derrick           - Principal & P7 teacher
Mrs Orme
             - P3/4 teacher
Mrs Gamble          - P5/6 Teacher

Miss Alexander    - P1/2 teacher
Mrs Stewart        - Learning support,

                               Principal's release &

                              Deputy Designated  

                              Teacher for Child

Mrs Burrows        - Classroom assistant
Mrs Finlay           - P1/2 Classroom assistant
& lunchtime supervisor
Mrs Donnan         - Classroom assistant

Mrs Doherty        - Lunchtime supervisor
Mrs Edgar            - Lunchtime supervisor
Mrs Norton          - Meals supervisor

Mr Birch              - Building Supervisor
Mr Birch              - Crossing patrol

Mrs Orchard       - Clerical Assistant

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