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Key Information

We are a growing village school on the Ards Peninsula with 89 pupils and 5 teachers.  Our classes are arranged:

P1 & 2                                      - Mrs Adair
P3 & 4                                     - Mrs Orme
P5 & 6                                    - Mrs Gamble and Mrs Barker
P7                                           - Mr Derrick
SENCo & Principal's Release  - Mrs Stewart


"Our vision is to be a safe, caring and stimulating school. A community where we all enjoy sharing, facilitating and encouraging each other to reach our full potential in our stage of the life-long learning experience. Within a Christian ethos we seek to grow our social awareness and responsibility, through our acceptance of and respect for people similar to and different from ourselves. We plan and strive for improvement in all areas, but especially in understanding how to communicate effectively and to be safe using today’s technology. We will foster in the community a love for our local area and an understanding and care for the wider environment."

We are an Eco-School with the P6/7 class being are Eco-Warriors:


Eco Schools Poem 2017/18

When you get up in the morning,

You get out of bed.

You go and spread some butter on bread,

Or get some cereal instead.

Get up and get some water to wash it all down,

Turn off the tap, don’t go back for a nap.

Go and brush your teeth and remember to turn off the tap.

Don’t get a bath, just get a shower.

The shower represents power!


At 12 o’clock, you go outside.

Go over to the bin and put the waste inside

You may be playing in the garden, or swinging on a swing,

But really you need to be doing something!

You must go and pick up some litter and put it in the bin.

If you find bottles or some tins, you put them in the recycling bin.