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Restart March 2021

Thursday 18th March 2021


Dear Parent/Carer,

                                  We are very excited about having all our children back to school on Monday 22nd March 2021. We hope that you and your children are looking forward to it as well. As far as possible we will try to get children back into as near a normal routine as the situation allows. In this letter I hope to itemise some of the things which you need to know for coming back to school. I have tried to keep it brief so that there isn’t too much to take in at once.

If your child is anxious about returning to school, please email their teacher so that we are aware. 

There will be no letters sent home on paper, from now on they will be emailed to you so it is essential that you read all emails from school and teachers. It would be far easier for us as a school if all parents would download and use ClassDojo for communication to and from school.

There will be adaptations and alterations to these plans during next term as the situation evolves in Northern Ireland – we will always seek to do our best for your children within the boundaries of the pandemic situation. Please read and take note of the details below:


·       If your child has Covid-19 symptoms or if anyone they have been in contact with has symptoms, then they must not come to school. See NI Health Guidance.

·       If your child develops Covid-19 symptoms in school, then they will be isolated in the staff room with an adult supervising them and you should pick them up or arrange for pick up from school as soon as possible.

·       On the way in to school adults and children should practice Social Distancing – if there is a queue to get in there should be at least 2m between each family group.

·       No parents or adults will be allowed into the school unless they are wearing a face covering

·       There will be NO Breakfast Club until further notice.

·       All children should wear school uniform on their top halves and then P.E. suitable clothing on the bottom halves as we will seek to use outdoors for P.E., exercise, walks and additional playtime over the next few weeks.

·       P4-P7 should return any outstanding workpacks to their class teacher on Monday morning.

·       All children will be returning to school after having had widely varied experiences of remote learning –

  • we will not be checking up on how much the children did or making them feel bad about what they can’t remember
  • we WILL be seeking to settle the children back into a good routine and allow them time to socialise with their friends.
  • Children learn far better when they feel secure and happy.



·       Staggered starting times:

o   8.45-8.55am      Brilliant Badgers and Fantastic Foxes come to school

o   8.50-9.00am      Great Geese and Super Seals come to school

Adults should not come into the playground, leave children at the small red gate. 

·       Staggered finishing times:

o   1.50pm    P1’s home – adults may wait in the playground 2m apart

o   2.00pm    P2’s home – adults may wait in the playground 2m apart

o   2.10pm    P3’s home – adults may wait in the playground 2m apart

Parents/carers must use the one-way system and wear a face covering if they are coming in to the playground to collect their children.

o   2.55pm    P4-P7 Brilliant Badgers and Fantastic Foxes home

o   3.00pm    P4-P7 Great Geese and Super Seals home

Parents/carers must NOT come in to the playground, children must come back in to the playground if their parent/carer is not there


  • Friday 26th March – all children will finish at lunchtime
    • 11.50                Super Seals
    • 11.55                Great Geese
    • 12.00                Fantastic Foxes
    • 12.05                Brilliant Badgers

·       There will be no afterschool clubs until further notice.


·       As previously notified the following list of items must be brought to school by each child (pencil cases that can be left in school would be helpful) and left in school, please keep the number of items travelling to and from school to a minimum:

Pencil                        not P1/2

Colouring Pencils     not P1/2

Hand sanitiser     not P1/2

Rubber                      not P1/2

Ruler                         not P1/2

Sharpener            not P1/2

Pack of tissues         not P1/2

Pack of disinfectant wipes                                  not P1/2

Full & named water bottle – this should go home each day and come back full of fresh water – THIS IS ESSENTIAL!! (Bring an extra water bottle on P.E. days.)


·       Please make sure that you send in lunches which you know your child can open themselves and please peel any fruit inside – adults will not be allowed to help open things.

·       School dinners will resume on Monday 22nd March, there is a copy of the menu on our

website – Please go to to apply online for Free School Meals or Uniform grant.

·       We have a good selection of pre-loved uniforms which can be purchased from the outdoor classroom for £1 per item (or for nothing, if you need) 9am-2pm on Friday.



I hope that this simply sets out the things that you need to know – if you have any queries which aren’t covered that you need to know urgently then please email me – – and, if necessary I will put together a Frequently Asked Questions page on the website. Be assured that there are a lot more details which have been discussed, decided and implemented ready for the return of your children such as:

Risk assessments


Careful cleaning routine

Social bubble classes

Staggered break times

Staggered lunchtimes

Staggered and distanced toileting regime


PPE & masks for First Aiders



**Thank you for your ongoing support as we seek to provide a warm, family environment for your children to learn to their full potential amid the current difficulties**